This Year’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival Must-Haves

May 17, 2017

This Year’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival Must-Haves

A unique blend of Coachella meets Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle offers a truly one-of-a-kind transformative experience where you can tune into your mind, body, and soul.

For those who haven’t been to LIB yet, just imagine Coachella’s Do Lab Stage expanded into a full-fledged festival flowing with diverse music, Burner-inspired art, and personal growth workshops.

Whether you’re a first-time festival goer or a seasoned veteran, here is a list of this year’s LIB festival must-haves.

  1. Water bottles, canteens, hydration backpacks, and/or bladders

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I cannot emphasize this enough. Dehydration is one of the main reasons festival-goers end up in medical tents at summer music festivals. Luckily LIB provides free water to attendees (no more $6 water bottles), so there’s no excuse for poor hydration. Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle or canteen to refill at one of the festival’s many water hubs. Better yet, consider investing in a hydration pack or bladder (i.e. Naturehike, Anmeilu , or Camelback) for this year’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival. These must-Haves will provide  ultimate convenience, comfort, and most importantly, less trips to water refill stations.


  1. Yoga mat

One thing that sets LIB apart from most music festivals is the diverse lineup of presentations, panels, workshops, and classes. These range from meditation and breathing workshops to yoga classes of all different levels and styles. Make sure to bring a yoga mat so you can take advantage of these classes taught by world-renowned instructors. Not to mention, yoga mats are great for spontaneous yoga sessions during a daytime set and they provide a little extra padding beneath your sleeping bag at night.

  1. Hammocks & inflatable air sofas

Let’s face it; LIB is a marathon, not a race. Sometimes your dancing feet need to rest. Disco naps are one of the best tips for surviving any music festival. Listen to your body and take some time to relax once in a while. Find a tree near a stage (or off in the distance), and chill out in the shade on an inflatable air sofa. LIB offers a number of hammocks scattered throughout the festival grounds, but you can also bring your own hammock in lieu of a sleeping bag, or post up in a tree somewhere near your favorite stage for unobstructed views.

  1. All-terrain wagon

The terrain at Lake San Antonio Recreation Area is pretty steep and rocky at times, so admittedly the trek from the parking lot to your campsite can be a struggle. You’ll definitely need some sort of all-terrain wagon to lug your camping gear to and from your campsite. Don’t forget rope and bungees! It’s all part of the transformative experience—I promise.

  1. Scarf and/or bandana

Whether you’re walking back to camp or dancing the night away at the Lightning Stage, it can get pretty dusty out there. While scarves and bandanas come in handy at any music festival, they are an absolute necessity at LIB. Not only are they practical, but they’re trendy, too.

  1. Floaties, inflatable rafts, and water toys

As a bonus, this year Lake San Antonio will be flowing with water for the first time since LIB moved to Bradley, CA. So for the first time ever, LIB goers will get to cool off in the lake and experience aquatic art installations. With the lake at 50 percent capacity, both the stages and campgrounds will be right along the water. Who needs showers when you can take a quick dip in the lake?

  1. Shade structures

With temperatures reaching up to the 90s during the day, you’ll be searching for shade at every opportunity. Outdoor shade structures like E-Z Ups and other canopies are essential for any festival campsite. Tapestries can also provide extra sun protection, while adding a nice decorative touch.

  1. Totems & flags

Not only are totems a fun way to identify your squad, but they make great conversation starters, too. More importantly, totems and flags are a sure fire way to find your friends in a crowd or mark your campsite. No one wants to be stuck on their phone all night, trying to find friends with little to no cell phone reception. Totems allow everyone in your group to venture off and easily reunite at any given point in the night.

  1. Lights

Lighting of all kinds is strongly encouraged. At minimum, you’ll want to pack a lantern, flashlight, and/or headlamp (for those dreaded porta potty encounters). String lights are another fantastic idea. Tying them to shade structures and flagposts will make your campsite easy to find after a long night. You can also wrap them around your body and decorate yourself like a human Christmas tree after sunset.